Appearances Panels


Over the years I’ve been on a number of discussion panels for a variety of topics, usually as a panelist, but also as a moderator. I get so much joy out of doing these and hope my experiences among the great voices I share the table with can help others.

  • “Am I Geek Enough? Fxmale and NB Experiences in Gaming Spaces” – PAX East 2020
  • “Women in Esports” – PAX East 2020
  • “A Discussion With Women in Esports” – PAX East 2019
  • “Sexism and Harassment in Overwatch” – Death Blossoms & Andromeda Online Event – 2018
  • “How to Make Your Straight White Male Protagonist Not Suck” – PAX East 2018
  • “A Discussion With Women in Esports” – PAX East 2018
  • “Trans-mission: The State of Trans in Gaming” – (moderator) – PAX East 2018
  • “Women at Warp” – DragonCon 2017
  • “Opportunity in Esports: Why Diversity Matters” – Dreamhack Austin 2017
  • “Why it’s Rad to be an LGBTQA Ally” – PAX East 2017
  • “Why It’s Still Totally Rad to be a Woman in the Games Industry” – PAX East 2016
Appearances Podcast

Podcast: Fanbyte Does PAX East 2020 – Day 2

Once again I am asking you to listen to me talk about video games. My friends at Fanbyte asked me to hang out with them in their swanky hotel office space to talk about what we had been playing at PAX East 2020. Hardspace: Shipbreaker, Industries of Titan, and a bunch more.