Hello! I’m Sabriel Mastin. I’ve been working in and around the gaming industry for almost a decade. I love to talk about it, write about it, and create media around it.

Currently I’m a freelancer and I also create content and run social media for the Overwatch website Overbuff. I’m also the co-host of a Star Trek podcast called Transporter Lock with friend Ken Gagne.

While Overwatch and the Overwatch League are my current primary means of living, I also write and talk about other video games and media, social justice, and what it’s like to navigate through this world as a trans lesbian woman.

My writing has appeared on websites like fanbyte and USA Today. I’ve been on and hosted panels at numerous PAX events, DragonCon, and Dreamhack. I have guested on numerous live shows and even had an appearance in a video game documentary!

Most likely you can find me talking on social media under the @Sabriality handle talking about Dungeons & Dragons, video games, lesbians, video game lesbians, or Star Trek.