Appearances Panels


Over the years I’ve been on a number of discussion panels for a variety of topics, usually as a panelist, but also as a moderator. I get so much joy out of doing these and hope my experiences among the great voices I share the table with can help others.

  • “Am I Geek Enough? Fxmale and NB Experiences in Gaming Spaces” – PAX East 2020
  • “Women in Esports” – PAX East 2020
  • “A Discussion With Women in Esports” – PAX East 2019
  • “Sexism and Harassment in Overwatch” – Death Blossoms & Andromeda Online Event – 2018
  • “How to Make Your Straight White Male Protagonist Not Suck” – PAX East 2018
  • “A Discussion With Women in Esports” – PAX East 2018
  • “Trans-mission: The State of Trans in Gaming” – (moderator) – PAX East 2018
  • “Women at Warp” – DragonCon 2017
  • “Opportunity in Esports: Why Diversity Matters” – Dreamhack Austin 2017
  • “Why it’s Rad to be an LGBTQA Ally” – PAX East 2017
  • “Why It’s Still Totally Rad to be a Woman in the Games Industry” – PAX East 2016